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Based on personal experience, relocating was always a hassle. Over the decades, we have personally moved many times around Hong Kong. It was never easy! Therefore, we would love to make it easier and hassle-free for YOU to relocate within Hong Kong and around the globe. Based on thorough analysis and understanding of market needs and customer concerns, SSC International Movers and General Services Limited was born.

Our team is highly experienced and expert in their work. Moreover, we ensure that your valuable goods are safely and efficiently moved from one place to another. We try our best to meet your needs and provide you with an excellent relocation experience. 

SSC International Movers & General Services Limited serves with interest, honesty, sincerity, and utmost care!

Saghir Victor



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With our HQ based in Hong Kong, we help you to live like a local in Hong Kong and connect you to the world!

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