Our services include pick-and-drop service from the airport to hotel or to your sweet home. We provide our valuable clients with hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can choose it with a driver or self-drive. However, with self-drive, a certain deposit is required. Car park, tunnel fees, and airport toll plaza tax is exclusive.

With a beautiful, comfortable, elegant interior, you will enjoy our hire-a-car service.  

You may hire the car for various purposes:

  1.  Weddings

  2.  Pick-and-drop service

  3.  Pleasure Trips

  4.  Family Picnics 

  5. Business Meetings

  6. Practice Driving

    We ensure competitive rates and guaranteed customer satisfaction.   

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With our HQ based in Hong Kong, we help you to live like a local in Hong Kong and connect you to the world!

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